Monday, 28 January 2013

Project Life 2013: Week 3

I'm loving Project Life!!!

This week it's all about SNOW and more sledging.

I've also managed to catch up which is very motivating, I might even be able to finish off my December Diary now.

The first page is about the daily activities in the week. I will add a few arrows and notes but for now I'm happy. (Perhaps not as happy as when my project life arrived!!! My husband made me wait until after dinner and Tom was in bed before I opened my package) Cheekie!!

It's great how the snow brings out the kid in you. The giggles and laughing and the shooting down the slopes on your sledge. I know we enjoyed it all. We were extremely lucky that the snow fell Friday evening and we got to play all weekend. :) :) :)

Bring on next week and more snow please. x

The Photos of Tom on the second page. is one of my favs His red rosy cheeks and innocent smile. Fab.

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