Saturday, 23 February 2013

Ponderosa: 1985

I haven't completed a 12x12 page in months!!! Although I've had this page ready i've been too tied up with December Daily and Project Life - but that's no excuse.

Today my sister-in-law and sister came around for a scrapbook day. We had loads and loads of fun and giggles too.

I managed to finish this page which brings back some lovely memories. Every year when I was a child me and my grandmother Lily would take a trip to visit my aunty and uncles house over the summer holidays. In 1985 after visiting the garden (I was 11) I went back to my Aunty's house and drew the garden on some paper. Last year when going through some of her old photos she gave me the picture. Such lovely memories as the garden was soooo beautiful. The photos were taken in 1987 I think by my dad or Aunty and shows my little sister, cousin, aunty and grandmother lily in them

I hand stitched the sewing

To save the picture I scanned it in.

Thanks for the lovely memories Aunty Jen!!!

The idea came off the internet - printed in draft - i'm afraid I've got no link.

Thanks for a fab day Clare and Liz x x

New Layout - I am 39: 2013

When following my favourite blogs - I loved the layout on This Kalil Life.
As it is my birthday in a months time (I will be 39) what a good opportunity to scrap a page about me. I'm not very good at writing about myself either - so lets give it a go.

This was the page designed by Kimberly

Today I met up with my sister-in-law and sister and we decided to all take on the challenge. After laughing and giggling about each others lists - we set out designing our own, and I was really pleased with my result.

Here are a couple of close-ups

Phil took the photo last year at Sherwood Pines on his Samsung phone.

Here is my complete list .....
  1. I was born in Warwickshire
  2. My Favourite subject at School was Maths
  3. I met my husband through BTCC motor racing
  4. I loved the London Olympics and was lucky to go.
  5. I preferred college to School
  6. I love it when Tom giggles, his laugh always makes me smile
  7. I am a campanologist
  8. I have lived in 5 houses, and owned 2 of them.
  9. I was a prefect at School 
  10. I try hard but I am far from being a perfectionist
  11. I love walking and walked up Snowdon for Charity
  12. I miss my mum every day
  13. I love taking photos
  14. My favourite colour is red
  15. I am hopeless at general knowledge
  16. I am a big Formula 1 fan and have met David Coulthard, Damon Hill and Jenson Button
  17. I am a morning person and love sunrises and sunsets
  18. I hate going to the hair dressers
  19. My favourite food is scampi and chips and profiteroles for desert.
  20. I am currently completing Project Life
  21. I was in Brownies but hated Guides
  22. My mums chocolate fridge cake is the best - yum yum.
  23. I love my bed
  24. My favourite film is 'The Rock'
  25. I wrote the website the long way by html
  26. I have never broken a bone in my body
  27. Winnie the Pooh is one of my favourite Disney characters
  28. One of my best holiday places to visit is North Cornwall, it is very beautiful
  29. 29 I don't like spiders and I can't pick up the big and hairy ones
  30. I would love to run a half marathon, maybe I need to jog first.
  31. I don't like nuts, apart from peanuts
  32. My nick name is woody.
  33. As a child we went to Butlins on holiday every year
  34. I passed my driving test at 17 years old the first time
  35. My favourite author is Lee Childs who writes the Jack Reacher novels
  36. When I was a child I loved making my own Sindy doll clothes
  37. I played the recorder at school, I would have loved to learn the drums
  38. I love the sound of people sledging and laughing
  39. Jefferson Starship - 'Nothing's Gonna Stop Us Now' is my all-time favourite song.
Thanks to both my sister-in-law and sister in joining me in this and I know they will be posting their fantastic pages soon too. I've had a really good fun day. x x x

When loading my pictures onto my blog I noticed that one of my list had been duplicated. I was gutted. But luckily I had kept my information, so I've charged it, re-printed it, and thank goodness it's ok now, phew!!

Thanks to Tom for entertaining himself and taking the photo.

Tuesday, 12 February 2013

Project Life 2013: Week 6

Happy Pancake Day - Shrove Tuesday!!!!!!

With half-term fast approaching I know I have a busy week ahead, so I thought it best to wrap up last week quickly.

Monday 4th February to Sunday 10th February 2013.
It was actioned packed as usual this week, with the biggest highlight for Tom - the arrival of his Brand New SLAMM Scooter.

All week Tom was asking when he can go and test out on the scooter. And what was the weather like at the weekend, you've guessed it - cold and wet!!!! But yes you're right that didn't stop him. I suspect we will be spending quite a few hours down the local park this year. He He.

I'm sorry for the quality of the pictures I promise to take better photos in the daylight next week and replace these.

Last Friday we headed into town after school/work and met up with our friend Nigel to see what Nottingham Night Light had to offer. There were some good things around the city, but it was cold and Tom was hungry so we enjoyed a trip to the new Red Hot World Buffet restaurant. And WOW what a choice of food!!!

I'm also pleased that I managed to get into one the pictures this week.

It was nice to take Great Gran out for lunch on Saturday, and to watch the boys play Scalextric in the afternoon. Lots of timing and racing took place.

A couple of my fav pictures this week are:

Phil and Tom reading a bedtime story laughing (you could hear them giggling through out the house). They were reading the Owl Who is Afraid of the Dark. (Think I might add a tab behind saying just that), and

The excitement of Tom when he was opening his long awaited new Scooter.

Useful facts......
My week goes from Monday to Sunday.
I'm using a combination of:
  • Camera phone and Canon Isis 115 camera, and
  • Tesco printed photos v Epson home printing.
  • I'm using Project Life Album by Becky Higgins and Page Protectors A and D
  • I have paint brushed out a photo this week as the person involved did not want their picture posted on the website. This has still allowed me to share my week.
I will be posting a link on The Mom Creative website. Please leave me a comment and let me know what you think.

Thank you for looking.

Project Life 2013: Week 5

Yehhhh another week completed and I'm loving this project.
Monday 28th January to Sunday 3rd February 2013.


Back to more routine this week.

For me this week I'm loving the fact that its the start of a brand new month.
My little boy is growing up and is starting to understand the value of money. I'm really pleased he saved hard for a Scooter and he understood getting the best price. I wonder what will be on his wish list next with the money he saved buying off the internet?!

I added text to some of this weeks photos. Some worked and some didn't but it was good to try something different.

We've found if you go to our local Cinema at the weekend to the family film it's a fraction of the price. We went as a family and none of us had seen the movie "ParaNorman", and boy did we laugh Such a lovely way to spending a cold and wet Sunday, and lovely to hear Tom laughing and laughing out loud - Priceless.

Useful facts......
My week goes from Monday to Sunday.
I'm using a combination of:
  • Camera phone and Canon Isis 115 camera, and
  • Tesco printed photos v Epson home printing.
  • I'm using Project Life Album by Becky Higgins and Page Protectors A and D

I must try and include more photos of me and the family.
I promise to take better pictures in the daylight and replace these.

I will posting a link on The Mom Creative. Please leave me a comment and let me know what you think to my year so far.

Thank you for looking.

Sunday, 3 February 2013

Project Life 2013: Week 4

Its more snow again this week. :)

Monday we had another approx 10cm of snow and driving to work was a nightmare.
The rest of the week was routine as normal, then more snow and sledging on Saturday.
Sunday was about family while the boys took a quick visit to Warwick Castle with our annual passes.

I'm really pleased with my progress and I'm chuffed that so far i'm keeping upto date.
I can't believe February is just around the corner. I will try some more new techniques this month - to see what I like best.

You will also see that with a little twisting of Phil's arm I got him to take a photo and write about it too. I'm pleased this is something all the family can get involved with.

I also got this handy hint from one of the websites that I follow about making a sketch so you know which photos to print - this works great for me. Next week I will try and add hints & quotes that I would like to write about. 

I have used Tesco's 24hour photo service again this week to print out my 4x6 prints. On the first page I've also made a blue colour box for added text too. I'm hoping I can change the colours as the weeks go by and use this again.

I've posted this page on Project Life Tuesday on if you like what you see or have any hints or good suggestions please leave a comment.

Thanks for looking :) I look forward to seeing you comments. x