Saturday, 23 February 2013

Ponderosa: 1985

I haven't completed a 12x12 page in months!!! Although I've had this page ready i've been too tied up with December Daily and Project Life - but that's no excuse.

Today my sister-in-law and sister came around for a scrapbook day. We had loads and loads of fun and giggles too.

I managed to finish this page which brings back some lovely memories. Every year when I was a child me and my grandmother Lily would take a trip to visit my aunty and uncles house over the summer holidays. In 1985 after visiting the garden (I was 11) I went back to my Aunty's house and drew the garden on some paper. Last year when going through some of her old photos she gave me the picture. Such lovely memories as the garden was soooo beautiful. The photos were taken in 1987 I think by my dad or Aunty and shows my little sister, cousin, aunty and grandmother lily in them

I hand stitched the sewing

To save the picture I scanned it in.

Thanks for the lovely memories Aunty Jen!!!

The idea came off the internet - printed in draft - i'm afraid I've got no link.

Thanks for a fab day Clare and Liz x x

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  1. I love this page. Can't believe you got it done so quickly