Sunday, 10 November 2013

Project Life 2013: Week 38

I've loved documenting this week, its fun to record the every day. This week is the first this year where every photos has been taken from a camera phone. Its lovely that you can record the small details so easily and quickly.

Some weeks always shine and this is one of them. Its the last sunny and warm week of the year, I can't believe how lucky we have been this year.

We enjoyed the last warm day of the year with a BBQ, who would have believed we are still wearing summer clothes in September too? Tom loved his reading book from school this week, some books really capture his imagination. Tom also made a god's eye out of wool at school, and was desperate to show us how he made it. The gods eye's have traditionally been created for celebration or blessing, presented as a gift or designed to bless a home


The weekends are so much fun, we head into Derbyshire for a walk and some geocaching finding. The leaves haven't turned yet but we did find lots of yummy blackberries too. We also found our 100th find - woohoo. Sunday was ice skating for the boys, and watching the classic film ET at bedtime. Tom asked a hundred and one questions through the film, with laughter and tears too. Priceless.

Useful facts of the week.....My week goes from Monday to Sunday (16th - 22nd September).
  • I am using a combination of Camera Phone and Canon Isis Photos.
  • Tesco v Home Printing Photos.

  • I'm using Project Life Album by Becky Higgins and Page Protectors A
  • I've tried to use all of my cardstock from the xxxxxxx range.
  • I will be posting a link on The Mom Creative website
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Sunday, 3 November 2013

Project Life 2013: Week 36 & Week 37

Back to School & Normality

Week 36

Last few days of the summer holidays gives us a sneaky day out to Alton Towers for the 2nd time this holiday. Tom queued for Smiler the new ride for 2.5 hours and his face afterwards was amazing. He was so chuffed that he did it!!!

Can you also believe it with over 16 weeks to Christmas the chocolate hit the supermarket shelves. Tom also enjoys a fun day with Grandad Harwood.

Tom has returned to school in Year 4, he's in Plum Class. Friday is Tom's first Cub Camp. He cried a lot, and seems spooked at staying over. After clinged onto us for near 45 minutes before we could sneak off. He stays over for two nights, has fun during the day but tears at night.

With Phil at work I enjoy a Scrapbook Saturday with my sister and sister-in-law. On Sunday Phil and his friend Jayne take a work trip to London which gives me more time to help me catch up with my project life.

My favourite picture of the week is Tom fast asleep after cub camp! 

Week 37

Normality has returned, although Gran is in hospital after a fall. Work and visiting takes over the week, before Gran is returned home.

Tom and his friends enjoy a trip to the cinema to watch Despicable Me 2, I love hearing them giggle and laugh. We enjoy getting out Tom's games and catch-up with household jobs. With Gran returning home we go to visit, its lovely to see her well again.

Phil and Tom take a sneaky trip to Arnold to find the geocache in the town centre - its the little things that make you smile.

I am still loving this project and with only just over 7 weeks to Christmas I need to get up date quick before the Magic starts.

Useful facts of the week........My week goes from Monday to Sunday.

  • I am using a combination of Camera Phone (10) and Canon Isis (2) Photos.
  • Tesco v Home Printing Photos.
  • I'm using Project Life Album by Becky Higgins and Page Protectors A & D.
I will be posting a link on The Mom Creative website this week Tuesday 12th October
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Project Life 2013: Week 34 & Week 35

With being so busy at work I haven't been posting at much so I'm trying to catch up a little today.

Its still the summer holidays and Weeks 34 & Weeks 35 were still action packed.

More inserts  again this week of Alton Towers and Warwick Castle.
Phil is still on holiday too so there is more fun too.

We loved our day in London visiting the sites. After the disappointment of our tickets not being valid in August for the London Eye we enjoying a walk along the banks of the River Thames. The Southbank is amazing and certainly full of lots of fun and cafes. We had tea near Tower Bridge before watching it rise.
We enjoyed a fun day with School Friends at Alton Towers where the kids were just tall enough for the 1.4 meter limit. Tom was so excited and smiled all day. He is certainly a fan of the BIG rides now.
We also enjoyed the opportunity to pushbike around the Donington Race Track. Certainly a dream come true after watching many motor races here.
Saturday we enjoyed a family day at Warwick Castle, before travelling to our very best friends Pam's House and enjoying a bank holiday day out on the Sunday.
Week 35

 Phew what a summer holiday. Now with only 1 more week to go it's back to a bit more normality.
I'm back to work in the office while Tom is off to Athletic Camp in Nottingham. He really enjoyed it with his favourite activity being the longer distance running.
The sun is still shining so lets keep enjoying the BBQ's too.

We have a couple of days of shopping for school wear and relaxing too.
At the weekend we had a picnic a Arnot Park and enjoyed looking for the geocaching. Sunday was relaxing breakfast in bed while the boys made a bird box.
I've used Project Life to list what school wear we have bought and the costs - ouch - but I can't wait to compare the prices in a few years time.
I will be posting a link on The Mom Creative website this week Tuesday 5th November

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Project Life 2013: Week 32 & Week 33

After thinking about December Daily it's now back to Project life for a few more weeks....

Weeks 32 & 33 was still about the Summer and Holiday time.

The weather we are having this year is incredible. Its so sunny and warm you just want to spend as much of the time outside as your can.

We had a lovely day out with friends at the Robin Hood Festival in Sherwood Forecast. We enjoyed watching the Billy of Loxley show where the kids laughed and laughed. 
We also watch the birds of pray in the Falconry show and action in the Jousting arena. the kids even got to meet Robin Hood and his Merry Men. The atmosphere was electric and lots of fun. A must for anyone wanting some fun in the summer, and something that I know we will go back and visit again. 

At the end of the week we loaded the car and headed south to Sunny Cornwall for a weeks holiday at a beautiful campsite called Trevornik near Holywell Bay. It was a long day of travelling, but arrived, pitched the tent and relaxed. I've added an insert to show some of the lovely holiday photos.
 Sunday was about chilling on the beach in Cornwall and testing out the campsite pool.

Monday Tom tried out the kids club on the site before we all venturing off for a walk along the coast and some geocaching.
Tuesday we visiting the beautiful Village of St Ives.
Wednesday was a bit chilly so Tom played in the pool and we visited the local NT.

Thursday we didn't have much luck as the cinema and local pool were both full, but we were lucky to find the local beach of Porth instead.
Friday we had fun at the Oasis Fun Pool before heading back to the beach.
Favourite bit's of the Holiday:
Phil - the Coastal Walk and Geocaching.
Tom - Oasis Water Fun Pool
Tracey - the seagull pinching Phil's sandwich on St Ives seafront.
Saturday we headed over to our friend Nigel's house to enjoy a couple of days in London.
Sunday was a full day of walking around London Zoo. It was lovely to see the old heritage parts of the zoo, mixed in the with more modern enclosures.  We were all surprised by the variety of the animals. One of the favourite being the butterfly enclosure where they were flying naturally.

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December Daily 2013 : The Preparation

I love this time of the year... Halloween, Fireworks... and .... December Daily.
Another year has flown past really quickly!!!

I have been lucky enough to join in with the December Daily for the past 2 years and I love it. Looking back the memories and thoughts are so special. I'm not very good at remembering the details and I feel for me the diary gives me an insight to all our family activities during the special Christmas period.

You can check back on some of my pages here or just search for the labels for December Daily.

If I am truly honest there are a couple of blank pages in both of the 2011 & 2012 diaries that I have not completed. But to be honest that's ok. It's a busy period, and i'm really pleased with what I have created.

I love it!!

The idea is based on Ali Edwards original design. Ali has fab ideas and all the information can be found on her website. I truly love her inspiration and clear pages. My diary is a long way from her perfection and that's OK to because its all about your own memories.


For this year I have tried to be organised early.
My sister and I have been on-line and discussed the different supplies that we are going to use. Once everything had arrived we met up and started preparing our diaries it was so much fun deciding on how we were going to design our covers and pages.

For me this year I am not going to complete the traditional diary as I am already completing Project Life. I thought completing both projects might be a little stressful. So I am hoping to mix the two ideas. It doesn't really matter where you document the fun, its just really exciting writing down the memories.

For my base products this year I have bought Simple Stories papers so I can combine the two projects. The pretty pages are called December Documented and are so lovely.
I have bought:

All I have to do now is wait a whole month for the magic to start. I am going to keep the core papers and cards in a box so they are to hand and hopefully fill them in most days.

I'm also hoping to use some of the Ali Edwards products that I won last year in one of her fab competitions. Check out my post here.

Update 13th November 2013
If my sister-in-law is looking look away now!!!
For my sister-in-laws Christmas present I have made her a December Daily album ready to complete. She has a young family and she is a keen scrapper with little time at the moment. This I'm hoping she can complete as they month progresses and will an ever lasting memento of the jolly Christmas period.


  • It has enough blank pages to complete a day during December.
  • I've also included smaller page extra inserts for the busy days and envelopes where you could include private messages or receipts. 
  • I have printed off round numbers 1-31 for the days where she can add them to her pages.
  • I have a pile of 3x4 blank cards ready to be written on, a sheet of stickers and some tiny stamps and inks. I'm going to wrap up the accessories individually so she has something to look forward to as the month progresses.
  • I have deliberately not numbered the pages just in case she wants to move the pages around.
  • I've started the front page as inspiration, and I can't wait to see the final result.
  • This is certainly a present made with love which I am sure she is going to enjoy, just as my sister did back in 2011 when I made her a similar one. :) x x
I would love for anyone visiting my blog to post a link to their December Daily so I can share your ideas and magic to. Thank you for visiting and Happy Christmas 2013. x