Sunday, 3 November 2013

Project Life 2013: Week 36 & Week 37

Back to School & Normality

Week 36

Last few days of the summer holidays gives us a sneaky day out to Alton Towers for the 2nd time this holiday. Tom queued for Smiler the new ride for 2.5 hours and his face afterwards was amazing. He was so chuffed that he did it!!!

Can you also believe it with over 16 weeks to Christmas the chocolate hit the supermarket shelves. Tom also enjoys a fun day with Grandad Harwood.

Tom has returned to school in Year 4, he's in Plum Class. Friday is Tom's first Cub Camp. He cried a lot, and seems spooked at staying over. After clinged onto us for near 45 minutes before we could sneak off. He stays over for two nights, has fun during the day but tears at night.

With Phil at work I enjoy a Scrapbook Saturday with my sister and sister-in-law. On Sunday Phil and his friend Jayne take a work trip to London which gives me more time to help me catch up with my project life.

My favourite picture of the week is Tom fast asleep after cub camp! 

Week 37

Normality has returned, although Gran is in hospital after a fall. Work and visiting takes over the week, before Gran is returned home.

Tom and his friends enjoy a trip to the cinema to watch Despicable Me 2, I love hearing them giggle and laugh. We enjoy getting out Tom's games and catch-up with household jobs. With Gran returning home we go to visit, its lovely to see her well again.

Phil and Tom take a sneaky trip to Arnold to find the geocache in the town centre - its the little things that make you smile.

I am still loving this project and with only just over 7 weeks to Christmas I need to get up date quick before the Magic starts.

Useful facts of the week........My week goes from Monday to Sunday.

  • I am using a combination of Camera Phone (10) and Canon Isis (2) Photos.
  • Tesco v Home Printing Photos.
  • I'm using Project Life Album by Becky Higgins and Page Protectors A & D.
I will be posting a link on The Mom Creative website this week Tuesday 12th October
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