Sunday, 3 November 2013

December Daily 2013 : The Preparation

I love this time of the year... Halloween, Fireworks... and .... December Daily.
Another year has flown past really quickly!!!

I have been lucky enough to join in with the December Daily for the past 2 years and I love it. Looking back the memories and thoughts are so special. I'm not very good at remembering the details and I feel for me the diary gives me an insight to all our family activities during the special Christmas period.

You can check back on some of my pages here or just search for the labels for December Daily.

If I am truly honest there are a couple of blank pages in both of the 2011 & 2012 diaries that I have not completed. But to be honest that's ok. It's a busy period, and i'm really pleased with what I have created.

I love it!!

The idea is based on Ali Edwards original design. Ali has fab ideas and all the information can be found on her website. I truly love her inspiration and clear pages. My diary is a long way from her perfection and that's OK to because its all about your own memories.


For this year I have tried to be organised early.
My sister and I have been on-line and discussed the different supplies that we are going to use. Once everything had arrived we met up and started preparing our diaries it was so much fun deciding on how we were going to design our covers and pages.

For me this year I am not going to complete the traditional diary as I am already completing Project Life. I thought completing both projects might be a little stressful. So I am hoping to mix the two ideas. It doesn't really matter where you document the fun, its just really exciting writing down the memories.

For my base products this year I have bought Simple Stories papers so I can combine the two projects. The pretty pages are called December Documented and are so lovely.
I have bought:

All I have to do now is wait a whole month for the magic to start. I am going to keep the core papers and cards in a box so they are to hand and hopefully fill them in most days.

I'm also hoping to use some of the Ali Edwards products that I won last year in one of her fab competitions. Check out my post here.

Update 13th November 2013
If my sister-in-law is looking look away now!!!
For my sister-in-laws Christmas present I have made her a December Daily album ready to complete. She has a young family and she is a keen scrapper with little time at the moment. This I'm hoping she can complete as they month progresses and will an ever lasting memento of the jolly Christmas period.


  • It has enough blank pages to complete a day during December.
  • I've also included smaller page extra inserts for the busy days and envelopes where you could include private messages or receipts. 
  • I have printed off round numbers 1-31 for the days where she can add them to her pages.
  • I have a pile of 3x4 blank cards ready to be written on, a sheet of stickers and some tiny stamps and inks. I'm going to wrap up the accessories individually so she has something to look forward to as the month progresses.
  • I have deliberately not numbered the pages just in case she wants to move the pages around.
  • I've started the front page as inspiration, and I can't wait to see the final result.
  • This is certainly a present made with love which I am sure she is going to enjoy, just as my sister did back in 2011 when I made her a similar one. :) x x
I would love for anyone visiting my blog to post a link to their December Daily so I can share your ideas and magic to. Thank you for visiting and Happy Christmas 2013. x

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