Monday, 28 January 2013

Project Life 2013: Week 3

I'm loving Project Life!!!

This week it's all about SNOW and more sledging.

I've also managed to catch up which is very motivating, I might even be able to finish off my December Diary now.

The first page is about the daily activities in the week. I will add a few arrows and notes but for now I'm happy. (Perhaps not as happy as when my project life arrived!!! My husband made me wait until after dinner and Tom was in bed before I opened my package) Cheekie!!

It's great how the snow brings out the kid in you. The giggles and laughing and the shooting down the slopes on your sledge. I know we enjoyed it all. We were extremely lucky that the snow fell Friday evening and we got to play all weekend. :) :) :)

Bring on next week and more snow please. x

The Photos of Tom on the second page. is one of my favs His red rosy cheeks and innocent smile. Fab.

Saturday, 26 January 2013

Project Life 2013: Week 2

Week 2
7th - 13th January 2013

Phew I can't believe I've completed another week. It's not the big pictures I am struggling with - its the creativity and small 4x3 notes.

This week was about normal routine and back to school.

Tom looks so grown up and he's certainly ready for school after a 2 week break. Wednesday he had a sickness bug so it was a day at home with sleep, sofa and tv/film.
We had to go out on Thursday for new school shoes and trainers as he has grown a size in 4 months since September. Now all we need to do is learn how to tie laces.

The weekend was action packed with meeting up with the Moore family for Liz's birthday and Sunday was a gentle walk for freshair and a big of sunshine.

Another week gone and more snow planned for next week, bring it on.

I've used 2 downloads this week.
  1. Another school 4x3 from Kimberly Kalil .
  2. I also found some lovely monthly 4x6 journal cards from Valorie Brown I will be using more of these over the weeks to come.
Thanks for looking. x

Project Life 2013 : Week 1

Week 1
31st December - 6th January 2013

Well here goes the first week. It was harder than I thought. For me it was difficult choosing the photos as we have been on school holiday and been up to lots of nice things.

Two of the main highlights of the week were:
  • New Years Eve Party at Pams house.
  • Visiting Sheffiled Arena to watch the world indoor x-trail championship.
I've had lots of fun printing out the photos, and with the help of a sketch at the start it made the process easier. I found this advice from a website somewhere - very helpful.

I have printed some of the 6x4 photos at Tesco's 24hr photo service as I was getting some normal yearly album photos printed.

I've also included a download (Hello 2003!) from This Kalil Life . I love the clean cut designs of the 4x3 cards. Thanks loads, I love them all, keep an eye out for these in future weeks too.

The Twenty Thirteen is going to be Awesome card is from A bit of this & a bit of that blog.
I will keep an eye out for future freebies too!!

I'm working hard on getting up to date so I'm off to finish off my Week 2 page. :) x

Project Life 2013 : Front Cover

Well I've managed it - I've finished my front page.

I'm loving it. I knew what I wanted to include on the front page, but trying to find a photo of my husband was hard. (Make sure I take more photos of him during 2013).

The 3 individual photos of us were taken last November at the Premier Rally in Nottingham.

The group photo was taken on a walk at Loughrigg Fells at about 250ft at Ambleside during October half term (I love this one and the fact we look so carefree and laughing lots). I'm a tinker for putting my camera on timer and there is always some laughter involved as we get into positions. He he. I've also got this group photo on canvas in our livingroom.

Both the Hello 2013 and the Memories printout were both from the same downloads. I've just tried to google them but I can't find soon as I find the link I will post it here.

The original idea is from Becky Higgins see the link here.

So what do you think? I can't wait to see what the year has planned.
Its going to be a project of love and a lot of hard work but I can't wait. x

Saturday, 19 January 2013

Project Life 2013: The Start

Well after a lot of thinking, and a very early kind birthday present from my 2 sisters I going to give Project Life a go during 2013. This is designed by Becky Higgins, check out her website here for more information.

I am very excited about this. I have managed 365 photos: one every day during 2011 & 2012 so I am hoping this will help me to know what I need and that I will (hopefully) achieve the challenge too.

Project LifeI have ordered from the UK website and my bits arrived very quickly :) :)

I ordered:
Black Binder
Turquoise Core Kit
Pocket Pages Variety Pack 2
& Pocket Pages - Design H

I'm working on my front page, and I will try and post every week my new pages.
Wish me luck. :) :) I hope you will enjoy our family journey too. This is going to be fun. x x

Wednesday, 9 January 2013

My Favorite Photograph Moments of 2012

Where has 2012 taken us. In our house 2012 will be remember for visiting Euro Disney in February (such a magical place), followed by the London 2012 Olympic & Paralympic Games in the summer (we were extremely lucky to go and experience the atmosphere of a variety of sports).

Here's a few of my favorite 2012 photos

January - A walk along the River Dove in Derbyshire

February - Euro Disney & Snow at Wollaton Hall
March - Craft show and Catch up with Clare, Liz & Niece Grace
April - Tom reading at the Arnold Library
May - Visiting the Seaside at Skegness with friends
June - waiting for the Olympic Torch in Warwick
July - Phil is Best Man at Paul's Wedding
August - Olympic & BBC TV Appearance

September - Paralympics & Olympic Stadium
October - Walking near Ambleside in the Lake District
November - Tom playing at home with his Lego Train set
& my old 1970's Train Set
December - Santa at John Lewis & Christmas

Wow what a year of fun. I've really enjoyed taking the hundreds and hundreds of photos this year. One of my 2013 challenges will certainly include Photo 365 again, taking the everyday photos and I hoping to join in Project Life too!!
Thanks for looking. x

(p.s. thanks for Kylie for the photo idea). x x

Friday, 4 January 2013

Ali Edwards Giveaways

How lucky was I on December 27th to realise I had a won one of Ali Edwards giveaways.

Ali is the originator of the December Diary and I always keep upto date with her blog, so I was really really chuffed to find out I had won a set of her December Digitals. It has totally made my xmas!!!!!!!!!!

You can check out Ali's website/blog here..

You can check out my winning giveaway here ....Giveaway Blog Post

I can't thank Ali enough, and I am going to use a couple on my December Diary this year, and totally use them next year too. It's the first time I have used digitals and I'm already hooked. Phil & the credit card had better watch out.

I've had a try already and I am going to use this photo on my December 25th Diary Page, but thought I would share it here first. I love the overlays!!

Thanks Ali for such a wonderful xmas gift. I can't thank you enough .x

Wednesday, 2 January 2013

December Daily - Day 31 - New Years Day

Today was Monday and more importantly New Years Eve. Pam held a fab party which was enjoyed by everyone and of cause some lovely food too. The kids had fun and for the first year Tom stayed up as well until 1am.


I can't believe that it's the last day of my diary. Where has the month disappeared so quickly? I have really enjoyed the documenting and writing about all the December Days again this year. Thanks for following me. In the month to come I will catch up with my days over xmas and complete the important cover. I will also update the pages I have written about with my page, and finish with a final sum-up. Its this last bit that I find the hardest.

More Importantly thanks for following my posts.
My Five New Years Resolutions are:
1 - Finish off December Diary
2 - More Daily Scrapbooking in 2013
3 - To meet with Liz & Clare for a day of Scrapbooking.
4 - for a 3rd year try and take a photo a day and complete an on-line diary of events. You never know I might even complete a photobook with the pictures at the end of the year?
5 - Have another go at Project 12.

Happy New Year x x x

December Daily - Day 30

It's Sunday today so we've headed down to Pam's house for our new year fun. We have treated the kids for xmas to Sledging at Milton Keynes Xscape. It was great and we all had lots of fun and giggles too.