Saturday, 31 December 2011

December Daily - 30th

Tom had a friend from school around today. We went to the scooter park for an hour before it started raining. The kids then played happily on Toms new Tech Deck, lego and wii.

Only tomorrow left in the old year, what will 2012 hold???

Wednesday, 28 December 2011

December - 28th & 29th

A fun day out at Rufford Park with friends.

The kids loved running around letting off all their Christmas energy.

Day 28

Day 29

Tuesday, 27 December 2011

December - 27th

This is what bank holidays are for... playing with the new toys that Santa brought. At the moment Daddy and Thomas are building the lego station.

(p.s. Thanks to Liz for the gift tags, they do make good titles.) x x

Monday, 26 December 2011

December Daily - 26th

Boxing Day
Fun day 2 now starts.

December Daily - 25th

Santa arrived. It was fun following Santa on norad this year.
It was a emotional but fun and laughter filled day.
Thomas loved playing with new lego train and games. Thanks to everyone for all of our presents.
Merry Christmas x x

Saturday, 24 December 2011

December Daily - 24th

Christmas eve should not involve getting a taxi to pick up the second hire car.... all this insurance is confusing me. Enough now.
Spent the morning finishing the wrapping and cakes.
Finishing tiding the house, now off to dads for Christmas Eve to really start!! Whoop, whoop.

December Daily - 23rd

Yesterday was hard work.

am - me and tom spent the day chilling and cooking my mums choc cake.
pm- went to great grans to watch a xmas movie only for the did to break.
Picked Phil up from work and I went for a drink in town with friends. Phil thinks we have a flat tyre. He goes to quickfit to find out some of the tyres are illegal... nightmare begins...tow truck as its now out of hours and numerous telephone calls.
Thanks to Phils folks for picking tom and me up while Phil waits patiently.
Exhausted and end up in bed early.

Friday, 23 December 2011

December Daily - 22nd

Today was a visit to the see Santa in Sheffield with Aunty Clare .

Aunty Clare treated us to cookies and flapjack as we waited as patiently as we could in the queue. Tom practised remembering his very long list. Is such a priceless experience watching any child tell the very magical Santa what they want for Christmas. Tom's eye's shone while looking at Santa and talking about his list. Santa replied "there is much you don't want young lad!!" Thomas couldn't reply he was just happy to see Mr C!

Remember - always to test your stamping on scrap paper first, can you notice my mistake???

December Daily - 21st

Today we met Phil after work and went to see the new 3D Santa movie Arthur Christmas. Tom loved being treated to pix&mix (not quite as much as yours Uncle Nigel!!). It was a good film which made us all laugh.

In my lovely handwritting I managed a little spelling mistake at the bottom. At the finish I will try and re-do this page.

I am loving the many freebies journalling cards from Creativity Prompt.

Tuesday, 20 December 2011

December Daily - 20th

Last day at work..... yehhhh its time for the holidays.
5 sleeps and counting.

Monday, 19 December 2011

December - 19th

My Picture from Day 18.
We all met back home in Leamngton to celebrate mums birthday tomorrow. We enjoyed Christmas lunch in Bistro Pierre.

Day 19
Today is my mums Birthday

Missing you loads mum!!! x x

Thursday, 15 December 2011

December Daily - 15th & 16th

Day 16
I'm off work today. The morning started with a bump to the back of my car, nothing too serious.
At mid-morning my friend Kylie and me headed off to watch Tom's Christmas Carol concert. All the Children sat and sang lovely.The afternoon was a haircut and the evening was out with my works Christmas party.

(I've blurred out the all the children's faces apart from Tom's).

Day 15
Another hectic day. At work they ask for Christmas present donations to our children In care. After collecting a donation from the team, my colleague and I dashed off to town to buy presents at lunch.

Today is Geoffs 70th birthday.''Happy Birthday''. Just going round to celebrate with a cuppa.

Wednesday, 14 December 2011

December Daily - 14th

If a girl cannot find a new dress, shoes will do instead!!!!

December Daily - 14th

Brrrrr its 2oC and icy cold, but no snow.
Just managed to make this mornings train, after finishing off Toms school xmas cards, he's very proud that he has written 30+.

Monday, 12 December 2011

December Daily - 10th & 11th

When did the date become double figures??
We've had a lovely busy weekend.

Friday was the start of wrapping the presents.

Saturday was Phil at work in the morning.
Tom was a sleep when I woke up, so I took the chance to catch up with my diary. It wasn't long before Tom was up and asking for us to start putting up our christmas tree and decorations. Since redocorating the livingroom back in the spring, this was a challenge, as we no longer have a fireplace to hang some of the decorations.

Tom and I had loads of fun. When we picked Phil up from work, tom told him we had just had a lazy day, so it was a nice surprise for Phil when we got home.

Saturday afternoon and on Sunday we headed to Pams house where we had a lovely time. The kids played, we caught up with news. It was fab.

Sunday evening, when we got home tom started to write his class Christmas cards, now this could be fun, 30..29..28.. more to do.

I'm behind on my diary, but will try and post at least my pictures later. X

Thursday, 8 December 2011

December Daily - 8th

I've cheated a bit today, as the story and photo is from last nights Christmas Tree light switch on in Hucknall. Tom is in the beavers so we all gathered in our local Aldi, and marched proudly into the town waving at the crowds. Hundreds of people had come to watch the light switch on.

After the parade, Tom and his friend Scott enjoyed a couple of the fairground rides before meeting Santa. Tom was a little worried that he had not told Santa everything that was on his list. I reminded Tom that Santa has already seen his list. Tom was on HAPPY boy!!!!

I've left the beaver leaflet loose so I can pull it out to read it.
I hope to catch up on the past couple of days at the weekend. I've written the bits I want to remember on post-it notes to remind me.

Wednesday, 7 December 2011

December Daily - 7th

On the way to Toms school nativity. I can't wait.

December Daily - 6th

Yesterday was a normal working and school day for us all.
Tom happily played with his cars, before playing the tooth fairy game before bed.

Monday, 5 December 2011

December Daily - 5th

After catching up on the past 2 days I must be tired as I've just smugged today's post. Only minutes before Phil had told me today is the 5th not 6th as I had just stamped on the circle showing the date.... dohhh!

Time for bed. My only decision for tomorrow is do I keep the page in to remind me, or re-do???

December Daily - 4th

Its Sunday and a day of rest. Its my dads birthday, so i've added an extra photo that was taken last week. Happy Birthday Dad!! x x

Phil and I spent the morning cleaning while Tom playing on the wii and playstation. After cooking lunch we settled down into a Disney DVD classic Aladdin.

An extra photo of Toms birthday card to grandad.

December Daily - 3rd

Ok so I tried to download blogger to my mobile with little joy. I'm afraid I am a little behind with my posts... so here I go.....

Saturday 3rd
Phil was working in the morning, so Tom and I had a lazy morning, with a little cleaning. the afternoon and evening was spent with our friends Michelle and Darren back home in Warwickshire. We had arranged to go sleding at Tamworth SnowDome. I was a bit apprehensive, but soon loved the trill of sledging down the 170 meter slope. I've included a couple of the pages from the leaflet into my diary too.

Saturday, 3 December 2011

December Daily - 2nd

After a hectic day at work, Phil & Tom came to pick me up from the train station. I arrived home to find Phil had cooked tea and Tom had been drawing and writing. Tom is really enjoying writing  at the moment. I had to include what he had completed, but Tom in true style wanted to show his school class next week. I'm left scanning in his handy work to include on today's post.

Tom Wrote....."I like Christmas because you get presents and cards. I like Christmas because Jesus was born on that day. But the things I don't like is Santa doesn't get any presents".

December Daily - 1st

For me this page was all about the advent calendar, and Tom rushing into my bedroom when he woke up asking where the advent calendar had come from???

I decided on a full page spread for this one, Tom proudly displaying his calendar. The journalling on the side reads..... "Thomas.... who left the advent calendar, I can't find number one, all the other numbers are so shiney....when can I eat my chocolate?"

December Daily - November 5th & 6th

Friday, 2 December 2011

December Daily - Halloween

I wanted to try out the Diary before December.... Halloween

December Daily - Album Cover

I've only ever completed one other min-album, so I wasn't sure how to tackle this. With some left over felt, and some left over ribbon and clips my cover is created.

December Daily Preparation

I bought some lovely paper from a local craft shop, this will be my inspiration.
I've borrowed the circle punch from my sister-in-law Liz (thanks!!!).

December Daily - Preparation

I've recently been searching around for some new inspiration and come accross this link......
December Daily

It looks like fun. I'm not sure if i can be as creative or even be as organised as Ali but I'm going to give it a go. Fingers Crossed.