Thursday, 8 December 2011

December Daily - 8th

I've cheated a bit today, as the story and photo is from last nights Christmas Tree light switch on in Hucknall. Tom is in the beavers so we all gathered in our local Aldi, and marched proudly into the town waving at the crowds. Hundreds of people had come to watch the light switch on.

After the parade, Tom and his friend Scott enjoyed a couple of the fairground rides before meeting Santa. Tom was a little worried that he had not told Santa everything that was on his list. I reminded Tom that Santa has already seen his list. Tom was on HAPPY boy!!!!

I've left the beaver leaflet loose so I can pull it out to read it.
I hope to catch up on the past couple of days at the weekend. I've written the bits I want to remember on post-it notes to remind me.

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