Monday, 12 December 2011

December Daily - 10th & 11th

When did the date become double figures??
We've had a lovely busy weekend.

Friday was the start of wrapping the presents.

Saturday was Phil at work in the morning.
Tom was a sleep when I woke up, so I took the chance to catch up with my diary. It wasn't long before Tom was up and asking for us to start putting up our christmas tree and decorations. Since redocorating the livingroom back in the spring, this was a challenge, as we no longer have a fireplace to hang some of the decorations.

Tom and I had loads of fun. When we picked Phil up from work, tom told him we had just had a lazy day, so it was a nice surprise for Phil when we got home.

Saturday afternoon and on Sunday we headed to Pams house where we had a lovely time. The kids played, we caught up with news. It was fab.

Sunday evening, when we got home tom started to write his class Christmas cards, now this could be fun, 30..29..28.. more to do.

I'm behind on my diary, but will try and post at least my pictures later. X

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