Saturday, 14 September 2013

Basic Grey Sketch Competition (Clare)

My sister is having problems loading her new page onto her blog so has kindly asked me to help her. Well what more are sisters for!!

Last weekend we enjoyed a craft day with my sister and sister-in-law.
They both managed to complete pages for the competition while I caught up with my Project Life.

Here is my sister's blog........

Thank you to pagemaps for providing me with another competition that has inspired me to produce another layout which I am pleased with.
I got the idea to scrap about moving house thanks to the sketch which included keys.

I didn't have any paper with keys on but I did have some paper with houses which my sister gave to me a few months ago. I chose four pages from the range and a tag which I bought separately. I wanted the tag to come out from behind the card as there was an extra picture in the layout. It also allowed me to write the date. The key at the end of the tag has simply been tied on.

We have been in our first house for 12 years and can't believe how quickly it has gone. Looking back at the pictures brought back lots of memories including a laugh about how young we look. Hoping for many more happy years :)
Clare x

Monday, 9 September 2013

Project Life 2013: Week 29

Its Birthday Week which is all systems go but lots and lots of fun.

There are only 2 days between Phil's and Tom's birthday's so the week is full of cakes and parties. Birthday are so much fun. With all the activities and opening of presents I've added an insert to help include all the photos.

Double Page - party time all week.

Page 1
We celebrate Phil's birthday with take out pizza, eaten outside as it's so warm.  I think the last time it was this warm in July was 7 years ago. As Phil is at work, Tom opens a couple of his birthday presents, but waits until after school for the rest. He's got a big smile when I take him to school with his birthday badge on.

Page 2
Tom's cricket birthday party is on his birthday so as soon as we pick Tom up from school we are straight back out to meet his friends. Tom's cousin even came to visit to join in. Tom and his friends loved the party with games and a cricket match at the end. Tom was happy as his team won. I have some fab friends who helped me with the party food. I couldn't have done it without them. I was really pleased with the cricket cake that I made, and Tom loved it too.
After the party, Tom showered before opening up his many many presents.
On Saturday it was Toms last Beaver Camp. He didn't make it through the night as he was scared, luckily we hadn't been drinking when we went out for a meal so we could pick him up. Sunday we went out Geocaching .

Useful facts of the week........My week goes from Monday to Sunday.

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Project Life 2013: Week 26, 27 & 28

Where has the summer gone - it's been so lovely and sunny this year in the UK that I know we have not wanted to stay indoors for any of it. We truly have had a fabulous Summer Holiday.

I had done really well catching up just before the holidays and now look I am 11 weeks behind - ouch!!! Good job I am writing this after having a marathon scrapbook session at the weekend or I think I may have cried.

Right where shall I start......

My handy hints for helping to stay in control and focused during this time are: 
  • I keep my album handy with post-it notes shows which is the week.
  • I add tickets etc as I go.
  • I have used my sketch book to document the daily events and draw sketches.
  • I printed all the 4x6 photos at our local Tesco's again which has helped speed the process up loads.

Week 26

Double Page - This week has mainly been chilling out at home and the start
of Wimbledon fortnight, I can't wait.

Page 1 - Lots of tennis this week, which means the boys playing/working at home.
I love it when Tom gets his BIG box of cars out and starts playing.
We've also started to plan for the Summer Holidays and what Tom would
like to do over the 6 weeks.
Page 2 - We have chilled at home and enjoyed the sunshine and BBQ's for tea.
Friday it rained and rained. Somehow it stopped just in time for me to watch T20 cricket to be played Notts Outaws v Leicestershire Foxes. Tom loved playing
kwik cricket again for Hucknall. The Sunday photo has not come
out very well, when I have printed the photo I've managed to chop
Tom's head off (1 photo to be re-printed I think)
 - we had a fun day Geocaching in Bestwood Park.

Week 27

Double Page -  Where has July sprung from? This year is going by so so so quickly.
Page 1 - A quiet week at home. Tom loved making a box full of cookies at School.
We also nipped to Ikea for tea and shopping after school.
Tom jumped into a bed at Ikea to see if we would notice - very funny.
Friday was watching a Tennis match to see if British Andy Murray  would
make the final, nail biting but some excellent tennis played.
Page 2 - Saturday was visiting our friend Pam and having cuddles with her new
Grandson - Ellis. He is a really sweet baby and was very well behaved, well he did
sleep the whole day! Tom enjoyed playing with the boys as usual in the garden all day
in the beautiful sunshine. Sunday was the final of Wimbledon
where the boys played in the garden and I sat in front of the TV.
We all watched the end of the game to see
Andy Murray win - Bring it On, and Well Played Andy :) :)
Week 28
Double Page - Its been a busy week with teeth falling out and school activities. Unfortunately the tooth fairy was very busy and didn't make it to pick
Tom's tooth up in time the first night.
Tom decided he didn't want to take a chance the second night, so he
wrote her a letter - one of my fav pictures, and nicely written Tom.

Page 1 - This week Tom has been to Carsington Water on a trip with school.
Wednesday was Y6 production of Oliver, Tom loved joining in by singing in the choir. It was very good. Tom is also getting ready for his birthday by writing invites to his friends.

Page 2 - With Phil at work and Tom and I awake early we made it to the Next
sale on Saturday. Tom got lots and lots of lovely new clothes. It was so warm in town, that
afterwards Tom stripped off and ran around in the fountains in the Market Square.
Sunday we met my sister-in-law and had fun morning Ice Skating,
afterwards we went for a picnic at Wollaton Hall.
Useful facts of the week........My week goes from Monday to Sunday


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