Monday, 30 December 2013

Project Life 2013: Week 45 & Week 46

Week 45

Page 1 - I love November 5th and firework night. We visit the Papplework fireworks with friends Karen and Charlotte, we love the smell and colours of the fab fireworks. It was a lovely display as usual. Now we can start planning for Christmas.

Page 2 - Saturday we visit great gran before heading down to our friend Pams house for tea & fun. We love to see the boys playing together - tonight its all about play fighting. Sunday is a lovely summy autumn day so we visit Salcey Forest for a walk and a bit of geocaching.

Week 46

Page 1- Its a busy week at work. Its Children in Need week so there is lot of fun rasing at school. We get to meet Toms school teacher at Parents Evening. On the way out of school Tom is proud to show us his work on display in the entrance hall. Thursday is the open evening at John Lewis for the staff to Christmas Shop. Tom spots Santa from half-way across the store, He shouts 'SANTA' then pulls me across to meet him - MAGIC.

 Page 2 - The weekend is fab I spend it with some girl friends. Saturday we head over to York for some xmas shopping before travelling further onto Whitby where we enjoy an evening of tea and drinks. Sunday we travel home by Robin Hoods bay and Scarborough. Phil and Tom enjoy a bike ride to Newstead Abbey on Sunday.

Useful facts of the week.....My two weeks goes from Monday to Sunday (4th November - 17th November 2013). I am using a combination of Camera Phone and Canon Isis Photos.
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