Saturday, 14 December 2013

December Daily : Day 9 - 12

December is zooming past far too quickly.

I've not finished my Christmas Shopping and I'm only half way through writing my Christmas Cards too.

Monday 9th - Normal day at work and school and a evening chilling. Until that is you hear the Round Table music and you hear Santa. Its 7.45pm and Tom has just gone to bed. He jumps out of bed, we open the door, and i'm sure the whole Street can hear him shout SANTA.

Tuesday 10th - Toms last Nativity at School, and this year his year group get to perform on stage. Tom is a fab ink keeper, and we are really proud that he has learnt the songs so well. All the children perform and sing lovely. Toms day is made when he spots Grandad Harwood and Ann in the audience, you could see his smile widen.

Wednesday 11th - Today its the turn of Granny and Grandad Moore to watch the Nativity at school

Thursday 12th - After swimming tonight Tom is very proud to show me his TWO new certificates. He has made his 25 metre swimming award and Level 4. He has worked hard towards that this term. Well done little man.

Useful facts of the week.....My finished week will go from Monday to Sunday (9th December - 15th December 2013).

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