Monday, 22 July 2013

Project Life 2013: Week 21

Half Term holidays start this week - so lets go.

Page 1 shows that spring has arrived. Tom has a sleep over at school,
but comes home early as he doesn't want to leave his mummy and daddy alone at home.
Our new camping mattress arrives - it's fab. :) 

Page 2 is the start of our holidays - yehhhhh.
Saturday is spent travelling to the campsite in Norfolk (Woodhill Park near Cromer) and exploring the area. There is something special about spending time at the beach watching the waves. I loved it on Saturday evening as the boys went running down to the beach. First they rolled up their trousers, then took them off all-together to jump the waves. Magic.
Sunday was a day in Great Yarmouth and the beach. We even found a local park, the kids loved exploring the different play equipment.
For tea we enjoyed a lovely BBQ back at the campsite.

When the sun set the views over the campsite was lovely.  Me and Phil came here about 10 years ago and we would definitely come back again.

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