Tuesday, 12 March 2013

Project Life 2013: Week 9

Wow March has started!!!

I am a week behind in finishing this and I have to admit it's the first week I've thought - oh no I can't be bothered :( having said that I'm pleased with the result.

Page 1:

My favourite picture is of my shoes - whoops!! I can't believe I took two right shoes into work. Lucky for me I keep two pairs of shoes under my desk a flat and healed pair (phew).

Page 2:


On Sunday we completed a lovely walk near Eastwood in Nottingham. It you want to enjoy a cream-tea or just pop in for a cuppa I can recommend Beauvale Priory where we enjoyed a beautiful relaxing lunch before finishing off the walk.

Tom's writing and drawing is my favourite addition to this week:

March is a whole new month and one I cherish for many reasons:
  • Spring is on the way.
  • Its the start of the new Formula 1 season.
  • Easter is early this year.
  • The Mornings and Evenings are getting lighter
  • It's my birthday at the end of the month.

I'm ready to start Week 10 now. My challenge is to include another quote from Tom.

Useful facts......
My week goes from Monday to Sunday, this week: 25th February - 3rd March
I'm using a combination of:
  • Camera phone and Canon Isis 115 camera.
  • Tesco printed photos v Epson home printing.
  • I'm using Project Life Album by Becky Higgins and Page Protectors A and D
  • This week I've tried to include something that Tom said.
  • I'm loving the fact that we are all in the photos again this week.
  • I also used a freebie from Ali Edwards where I printed out the words and added them to my pictures. Unfortunately I can't find the direct link, sorry Ali!
Update 15/03/13 I've found the link to Ali's Freebie - Check it out here!!!!!
I will be posting a link on The Mom Creative website. Please leave me a comment and let me know what you think.

Thank you for looking. x
Updated 15/03/13


  1. Love the layout. I love Tom's drawing and the picture of Tom and Phil playing connect 4. I can't believe you have 2 pairs of the same shoes. They must be comfy :)

  2. Is that the owl Tom was drawing when I came round?

  3. Such a sweet owl. Love your layouts.

  4. Yep Liz, its from one of Toms fav books at the moment, The owl who is afraid of the dark. It was also the book in week 6 that Phil was reading to Tom in bed.

  5. Thanks Cerise. I am loving the project so far, just hope I can keep it up.

    Clare your right I do own 2 pairs, a good one and a messing around old one. Well Spotted! X