Sunday, 2 December 2012

December Daily - Day 1 - Saturday

Day 1 was a great start. Phil was at work, Tom comes running into the bedroom after finding his advent calendar. It took tom ages to find no1. You love reading all the packet. After breakfast its a 2 hour trip to the hairdressers. Tom sits lovely, writing xmas cards, reading, then playing on your DS. As we walk back to the car we enjoy streaming hot chips in a cone. Ive started a new job this autumn, and this evening was the xmas night out. We enjoyed a lovely meal at Browns in Nottingham. The food and company was great. I even got bought a very hot alcoholic shot as a welcome to the team. What a great first day in December!!!!

My second year at the December Daily - thanks to Ali Edwards for her inspiration. I love this challenge its amazing. x x x


  1. Hurrah! A British one!!!

  2. What a great challenge this is. :) I hope you are enjoying it as much as me?