Wednesday, 3 April 2013

Scrapbook: My First Pages

While following PL pages on the internet I came across a international website called Scrapfriends.

When browsing the website I found a page about Your First Scrapbooking Layout. This made me think about my first pages and how I started scrapbooking..........

I've always loved keeping the tickets, maps, leaflets etc from days out and included them in traditional photo albums. (Pictures from 2004 visiting Belvoir Castle & Tissington Trail walk)

When my son was born in 2005 my older sister Jacqui bought back some scrapbook supplies from America, and well I was hooked!!! My first pages are very basic. But you know what .... they tell the story and I love them. Of cause they make me cringe, but I wouldn't change them, we all have to start somewhere. My son looks so small and that was nearly 8 years ago now. I love the photo of Tom on the scales taken by my Husband.


I don't scrap as much as I would like to, and there are so so so many story's and pictures that I would like to share. Currently I am really enjoying the PL challenge as it is letting me do a little each week and helping me to document the every day. I also enjoy it when I meet with my sister-in-law and sister for a scrap day as this helps to keep me focused and complete a couple of pages .... (I must arrange another day soon).

I know that I will probably not scrap every page I would love to - but anything I do is a record and every page always makes me smile and think of the memories.

My current challenges that I participate in are:
  • Project Life
  • 365 Photo - A photo every day
  • Documenting my lifetime - a page for every year of my lifetime - I'm currently 39 years old.
  • Creating a keepsake for my Son.
  • December Daily - I've completed this is 2011 & 2012 and love it. My decision for this year will be do I create a separate one, or include it within my PL pages??? I've got a few months before I decide about this yet.
In the Future:
  • Project 12 - I tried this in 2012 and was a bit unsuccessful (I got managed Jan-March). I'm not sure the website still runs the challenge, but nothing to say that I can't try it myself again perhaps next year.
  • A Day in the Life/Week in the Life by Ali Edwards
Thanks for reading. I would also like to know of any challenges or project that you participate in that could inspire me in the future. :) x


  1. Wow, you all look so young. Phil doesn't even have any grey hairs!

  2. It is great to look back :)